The Future Of Events With Big Hologram

The world is always evolving.  New technological advances are coming at an exponential rate everyday.  One piece of technology that seems to have taken hold of our current generation is that of big holograms.  These Big Holograms can be used in a variety of events and places. They captivate their audience with a sense of wonder and enlightenment and fully engage the imagination of those that see them.  Many people may remember Star Wars using big holograms for Princess Leia and Obi Wan Kenobi.  Fans of the popular rapper, Tupac, will remember when a big hologram was created in his honor at a concert.  


One important thing to point out is that the gap between these big holograms is 35 years.  Starting in 1977 with Star Wars and leading up to 2012 for the Tupac concert, one can see that the use of big holograms has made itself prevalent throughout the 90’s, 2000’s and now today’s world.


Some of the more common places you’ll see big hologramas are as follows:


  • Education
  • Military Mapping
  • Concerts
  • Art
  • Medical Field
  • The Office
  • Museums/Historical Concepts


Military Mapping and Medical Uses


There are quite a few ways in which big holograms are being utilized in today’s climate.  Some of the more important aspects fall in the genres of military mapping and medical mapping. 


Military soldiers need to know the lay of the land to decide the best course of action to take in stressful and very life threatening situations.  Using big holograms to “map out” their destinations make for a more safe and reliable campaign. 


Medical practitioners are able to take a 2D image and turn it into a big hologram.  This revolutionizes the way that we can look at certain parts of the body, which under normal circumstances may be quite difficult to discuss.


In The Office and the Classroom


A few other ways that modern society implements the use of big holograms is through that of education and in the office.  


When big companies are holding meetings,  They may set up a holographic work environment to enhance the outcome of work meetings.  These big holograms can be used to display items, such as, graphs and charts, in new and exciting ways.  Companies can also take advantage of a “work from home” environment through the use of big holograms.


Educators and schools alike can use holograms to engage student interaction, not only with the world around them, but with each other as well. Giving students a full hands on and visual experience is one of the best ways that children in today’s world learn. Through the use of big holograms, they can construct their own ideas and carve out conclusions using big holograms.


It is not hard to see that with the advancements of big holograms, people of all ages and occupations can use their benefits in many situations. Big holograms allow for a more in depth look into detailed events as well as the future.

How Holograms Can Be Used To Properly Direct Foot Traffic During The COVID-19 Outbreak

Big Holograms

Many people may think that holographic technology is something that comes from science fiction. When Princess Leia records a 3D hologram of herself appealing for help from the Rebel Alliance, it’s a glimpse of the future. But today, holographic technology is a very real option that you will be able to utilize to transmit messages in a similar way, no matter if you are involved in  a galactic battle or not. 


Right now, there is more uncertainty than ever in the world. But technology continues to move forwards and change the way that we transmit message to each other. Holograms are able to convey messages in far more efficient ways than ever so that businesses can relay any message to their customers, use hologram technology to take meetings in real time, or even display tips on how to take precaution at this time on the hologram. People are much more likely to pay attention to something that stands out, so using hologram technology to convey messages will allow businesses to be more effective in their communication, which is especially important in times such as these. 


Real-world holograms have finally started to catch up with their fictional cousins, with the transmission of moving 3D images from one place to another in almost real time. This means that it may eventually be possible to communicate with moving 3D images of friends or colleagues who are all the way on the other side of the world. Surgeons and doctors will be able to use the technology to monitor patients and step into virtual operating theatres in other cities, and films will become more and more immersive. 


One of the biggest areas that hologram technology will revolutionize, especially in times where it is not possible to meet in person, is telepresence meeting systems. Holographic technology can be used to make the people on the screen 3D when you are giving a presentation- this means that if you want to give a presentation in California, all you need is an array of cameras in your New York area and a fast internet connection.


In this vein, Big Holograms offers corporations a new way to create impressive business conferences and live events, ensuring that speakers, executives, employees, partners, and clients are all able to dramatically reduce their exposure to the coronavirus COVID-19. Corporations  now have an alternative to virtualize their events and not have to resort to unimpressive webcasts when they are unable to meet in person. Executives and speakers can appear live from their homes or offices virtually on a real event stage which is then streamed to hundreds and even tens of thousands of attendees online. 


Businesses are also able to use hologram technology right now to more effectively broadcast important messages and warnings about the coronavirus. People are much more likely to pay attention to displays and warnings that quite literally jumps out at them. Holograms are able to say pretty much anything, making them a great way to communicate everything from sales pitches to advertisements to coronavirus updates and tips on how to take precautions during this time.


No matter what the situation, holograms can be a highly useful tool to communicate to clients, colleagues, and customers. Call Big Holograms today for your holographic needs!


The Benefits of Using Holograms to Advertise at Bars and Restaurants

As technology continues to take us to heights we never imagined, we continue to find more ways to implement it in our modern lives. One of those things that used to be considered a thing of the future but is now a reality — hologram technology — is starting to find its way in the restaurant and bar industry. Some owners are using this technology to enhance their menus and bring a more quality experience to their customers. 


What Is a Holographic Restaurant Menu?


We’ve all seen how meals are depicted in the future when shown in movies and TV shows. They show a holographic plate filled with holographic food and holographic utensils. That’s essentially how restaurants are utilizing hologram technology with their menus, by displaying a three-dimensional rendition of the meal they’re interested in.


These menus can be displayed at the front desk upon entrance, at the guest’s table before they order, or even at the bar when they want to sit back and watch the game. They will undoubtedly be a talking point for all the guests and will likely bring in new customers just to experience the technology. 


Let’s be honest with ourselves; merely having the opportunity to introduce hologram technology into your business is reason enough to do it immediately. Outside of that, there are a lot of positives your restaurant or bar will receive when you make the investment. 


It can help give your guests a three-dimensional look of what they’re getting before ordering it. It will also help provide the proper illusion of what the serving sizes will be for each meal. Holographic menus have been known to increase sales and customer satisfaction by knowing what they’re ordering. 


Taking Hologram Technology to Another Level


At Big Holograms, we take hologram technology to another level for restaurants and bars. Not only can you utilize it with menus, but you can use it to display your logo on the wall or for advertising other companies. 


When you offer this as an advertising option, you will be able to offer it at a much larger price compared to your other advertisement options. Since they are sure to spark the interest of every guest walking through your doors, they will be a massive hit for businesses trying to gain some brand recognition.


We offer two different options — HYPERVSN SOLO and HYPERVSN WALL. The SOLO feature will utilize one single device and display a three-dimensional visual up to 75cm. The WALL option allows you to combine multiple devices to spread across a larger area. The more devices, the larger the visual.


Contact Big Holograms Today!


We take pride in not only providing this great technology to restaurants and bars for use year-round, but also renting it out when it’s only needed for a limited time. It doesn’t matter how long you use it for or what you use it for; it’ll immediately enhance your guest’s experience.


If you’re interested in learning more about this technology and how it can be implemented in your business, contact Big Holograms today. We can’t wait to share our quality and effective solutions with you!

Why You Need a 3D Hologram at Your Next Event

Why You Need a 3D Hologram at Your Next Event

Are you hosting an event for your business? Have you ever considered implementing a 3d hologram? It is 2020, so why not take advantage of the immersive technology that is available? Here at Big Holograms, we have exactly what you are looking for. Not exactly sure what that is? Let our team of professionals explain. 


Take Advantage of the Future!

Holograms can upgrade any show floor, booth, session, or even meeting with their ability to enthrall attendees and forge lasting, meaningful emotions. This is great news, as research indicates that millennials and younger demographics vehemently demand one-of-a-kind events. They are always looking for those “Instagrammable” moments. 


Another great feature of holograms is that, unlike other innovative techs such as virtual reality or second screen, no extra hardware is needed. Audiences need their eyes. What’s more, holograms are becoming cost-effective, even as they become more sophisticated.


So What Is It?

So what is a hologram exactly? Briefly, a hologram is an autonomous three-dimensional image formed by the interference of light beams from a laser or other coherent light source. Interestingly, hologram tech has been around since the 19th century with the invention of Pepper’s Ghost, where a projection is shot at a surface of the glass, and its reflection appears independent at another location.


Today, holograms have evolved to the point they have the ability to be interactive, like reacting to touch or, as recently with one company’s breakthrough, combining with AI to produce a 3D concierge positioned at retail or hotel entrances that responds to consumer questions!


Call Us Today!

Make sure you get a 3d hologram for your next event! Contact us today and learn more about how we can help you transform your next event into an evening no one will ever forget. Whether you have 3D images you already have and want to display, or you’d like to select options from our vast 3D library, we’ll ensure your event is tailored to all your expectations.


Holograms For The Holidays

Have you ever heard of Christmas holograms? This is the most futuristic way to bring that holiday magic you strive for into your neighborhood. Here at Big Holograms, we have everything you need to make your home a winter wonderland this holiday season. 


It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

3D holographic Christmas decorations are here. You may not believe in Santa, but you may you believe in happy customers. Santa floating in mid-air, 3D Christmas trees, and holographic holiday displays can all be yours. Enjoy the magic of Christmas.


Why Should You Get It? 

  • It Will WOW Spectators
  • It Grabs Attention
  • It Puts People in the Christmas Spirit


Don’t need it for your home? It can go in other place too! Spark Christmas mood in minutes with holographic Christmas animations displayed on HYPERVSN Solos and Walls. They are ideal for storefront windows, indoor Christmas decorations in the store, or hotel lobby.


More About Us

HYPERVSN is the award-winning technology company responsible for developing the highly-disruptive 3D holographic display that provides an immersive experience for viewers. From our global HQ in London, HYPERVSN services our Partners & customers in over 50 countries across the globe.


Contact Us for More Info

The holidays are here, so now is the perfect time to take advantage of holograms. Contact us today and learn more about how we can help you transform your next event into an evening no one will ever forget. Whether you have 3D images you already have and want to display, or you’d like to select options from our vast 3D library, we’ll ensure your event is tailored to all your expectations.

What is Big Hologram?

Science fiction has been a part of entertainment for many years now, and a big part of the genre was the handful of stable technologies we all thought would be all over the place somewhere in the future. These technologies include hoverboards, teleportation, space travel, and, of course, holograms. Well the future is now here at Big Holograms as we’ve turned one of Hollywood’s stable sci-fi technologies into a modern attraction meant to add an all-new dimension to hosting events. 


Hypervsn Technology

The Hypervsn machine is an amazing piece of technology that brings the world of holograms to life, creating 3D images made of light right before our eyes. We believe this is a fantastic opportunity to use this technology to display all kinds of things for different companies and clients. Use this device to display your own technology you’re aiming to announce at a major event, or just have it add a unique, futuristic element of decor to an extravagant gala. No matter the purpose, Hypervsn can bring your ideas to life before an entire audience. We dream of a future where this kind of technology can become even more widespread, and the existence of holograms will change the way we experience advertising.


What We Offer

We at Big Holograms have bought the Hypervsn device and rent out this machine for all kinds of major events. Our vision of the future is all about utilizing hologram technology to add creative and breathtaking displays to all sorts of events with all kinds of purposes. Is it for luxury? Is it for education? You decide when you hire us to supply your event with the awe-inspiring imagery created by the Hypervsn machine.


Contact Us for More Info

Does the world of hologram technology excite you? Are you interested in utilizing the Hypervsn machine for an upcoming event? Or perhaps you still have questions and want to know more about how our machine works? Contact us today and learn more about how we can help you transform your next even into an evening no one will ever forget. Whether you have 3D images you already have and want to display, or you’d like to select options from our vast 3D library, we’ll ensure your event is tailored to all your expectations.

Hologram Technology is Changing the Game

Every single year, video-based strategies, artificial intelligence, and tighter regulations strike marketing departments around the world. This is particularly true in the year of 2018, with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as put into action by the EU. Coming into 2019, these trends have continued to evolve, with new ones coming out, and once more, redefining what business looks like in the twenty-first century. One of the most exciting trends in holograms this year is how holograms can be used for business. Let’s talk about how holographic technology is truly innovating the way business is done, especially the arena of marketing, and what we can expect to see moving forwards. Holographic technology isn’t simply about creating life-like images- it’s about much more. Just like how augmented reality  and virtual reality (AR and VR) systems have been able to shift our perspectives on the world. 


The latest holographic technology is able to be viewed with the naked eye, without needing any additional accessories such as a smartphone screen or a pair of 3D glasses. The Digital Signage Industry was valued at $19.61 billion in 2016, and functions as a solution for the flaws of traditional printed signage methods. With digital signage, there isn’t a need to update signs manually, printing costs for signs are cut down, and the amount of physical labor is largely reduced. Digital alternatives that are able to seamlessly blend with the modern with have been slowly starting to replace traditional signage methods. As we spend more and more time looking at screens of all types, our brains have adapted to make digital mediums much easier to absorb than traditional signs. 


However, digital signage has the issue of being screen-based and staying a 2D experience. The world around us is 3D, and hologram advertising is able to really stand out since 3D Holographic visuals let businesses take what they usually display on a screen (or poster) and turn it into eye-catching 3D content, bringing the content to life. 3D holographic visuals can transform the marketing game through their potential to inform, entertain, promote, and transform at the click of a button. Holographic visuals can also form part of an automated campaign, drawing attention and boosting interaction. These visuals are the future for PowerPoint presentations, projector-based images, and traditional signage. While these traditional solutions are time-tested, there is no escaping the reality that the public continuously expects (and demands) innovation. At marketing hotbeds such as events, companies need to pay attention to innovations such as holographic presentations in order to drive sales revenue, gain repeat purchases, and increase brand awareness. Holographic visuals totally rewrite the playing field in this case, giving brands the power to take their events to new heights. Big Holograms is a leader in the field when it comes to the holographic revolution, and we are dedicated to providing a unique premium holographic system that is able to display top-quality holographic visuals. We are here to assist with any holographic designs your company calls for. Contact Big Holograms today for your holographic design needs!