The Future Of Events With Big Hologram

The world is always evolving.  New technological advances are coming at an exponential rate everyday.  One piece of technology that seems to have taken hold of our current generation is that of big holograms.  These Big Holograms can be used in a variety of events and places. They captivate their audience with a sense of wonder and enlightenment and fully engage the imagination of those that see them.  Many people may remember Star Wars using big holograms for Princess Leia and Obi Wan Kenobi.  Fans of the popular rapper, Tupac, will remember when a big hologram was created in his honor at a concert.  


One important thing to point out is that the gap between these big holograms is 35 years.  Starting in 1977 with Star Wars and leading up to 2012 for the Tupac concert, one can see that the use of big holograms has made itself prevalent throughout the 90’s, 2000’s and now today’s world.


Some of the more common places you’ll see big hologramas are as follows:


  • Education
  • Military Mapping
  • Concerts
  • Art
  • Medical Field
  • The Office
  • Museums/Historical Concepts


Military Mapping and Medical Uses


There are quite a few ways in which big holograms are being utilized in today’s climate.  Some of the more important aspects fall in the genres of military mapping and medical mapping. 


Military soldiers need to know the lay of the land to decide the best course of action to take in stressful and very life threatening situations.  Using big holograms to “map out” their destinations make for a more safe and reliable campaign. 


Medical practitioners are able to take a 2D image and turn it into a big hologram.  This revolutionizes the way that we can look at certain parts of the body, which under normal circumstances may be quite difficult to discuss.


In The Office and the Classroom


A few other ways that modern society implements the use of big holograms is through that of education and in the office.  


When big companies are holding meetings,  They may set up a holographic work environment to enhance the outcome of work meetings.  These big holograms can be used to display items, such as, graphs and charts, in new and exciting ways.  Companies can also take advantage of a “work from home” environment through the use of big holograms.


Educators and schools alike can use holograms to engage student interaction, not only with the world around them, but with each other as well. Giving students a full hands on and visual experience is one of the best ways that children in today’s world learn. Through the use of big holograms, they can construct their own ideas and carve out conclusions using big holograms.


It is not hard to see that with the advancements of big holograms, people of all ages and occupations can use their benefits in many situations. Big holograms allow for a more in depth look into detailed events as well as the future.