How Holograms Can Be Used To Properly Direct Foot Traffic During The COVID-19 Outbreak

Big Holograms

Many people may think that holographic technology is something that comes from science fiction. When Princess Leia records a 3D hologram of herself appealing for help from the Rebel Alliance, it’s a glimpse of the future. But today, holographic technology is a very real option that you will be able to utilize to transmit messages in a similar way, no matter if you are involved in  a galactic battle or not. 


Right now, there is more uncertainty than ever in the world. But technology continues to move forwards and change the way that we transmit message to each other. Holograms are able to convey messages in far more efficient ways than ever so that businesses can relay any message to their customers, use hologram technology to take meetings in real time, or even display tips on how to take precaution at this time on the hologram. People are much more likely to pay attention to something that stands out, so using hologram technology to convey messages will allow businesses to be more effective in their communication, which is especially important in times such as these. 


Real-world holograms have finally started to catch up with their fictional cousins, with the transmission of moving 3D images from one place to another in almost real time. This means that it may eventually be possible to communicate with moving 3D images of friends or colleagues who are all the way on the other side of the world. Surgeons and doctors will be able to use the technology to monitor patients and step into virtual operating theatres in other cities, and films will become more and more immersive. 


One of the biggest areas that hologram technology will revolutionize, especially in times where it is not possible to meet in person, is telepresence meeting systems. Holographic technology can be used to make the people on the screen 3D when you are giving a presentation- this means that if you want to give a presentation in California, all you need is an array of cameras in your New York area and a fast internet connection.


In this vein, Big Holograms offers corporations a new way to create impressive business conferences and live events, ensuring that speakers, executives, employees, partners, and clients are all able to dramatically reduce their exposure to the coronavirus COVID-19. Corporations  now have an alternative to virtualize their events and not have to resort to unimpressive webcasts when they are unable to meet in person. Executives and speakers can appear live from their homes or offices virtually on a real event stage which is then streamed to hundreds and even tens of thousands of attendees online. 


Businesses are also able to use hologram technology right now to more effectively broadcast important messages and warnings about the coronavirus. People are much more likely to pay attention to displays and warnings that quite literally jumps out at them. Holograms are able to say pretty much anything, making them a great way to communicate everything from sales pitches to advertisements to coronavirus updates and tips on how to take precautions during this time.


No matter what the situation, holograms can be a highly useful tool to communicate to clients, colleagues, and customers. Call Big Holograms today for your holographic needs!