The Benefits of Using Holograms to Advertise at Bars and Restaurants

As technology continues to take us to heights we never imagined, we continue to find more ways to implement it in our modern lives. One of those things that used to be considered a thing of the future but is now a reality — hologram technology — is starting to find its way in the restaurant and bar industry. Some owners are using this technology to enhance their menus and bring a more quality experience to their customers. 


What Is a Holographic Restaurant Menu?


We’ve all seen how meals are depicted in the future when shown in movies and TV shows. They show a holographic plate filled with holographic food and holographic utensils. That’s essentially how restaurants are utilizing hologram technology with their menus, by displaying a three-dimensional rendition of the meal they’re interested in.


These menus can be displayed at the front desk upon entrance, at the guest’s table before they order, or even at the bar when they want to sit back and watch the game. They will undoubtedly be a talking point for all the guests and will likely bring in new customers just to experience the technology. 


Let’s be honest with ourselves; merely having the opportunity to introduce hologram technology into your business is reason enough to do it immediately. Outside of that, there are a lot of positives your restaurant or bar will receive when you make the investment. 


It can help give your guests a three-dimensional look of what they’re getting before ordering it. It will also help provide the proper illusion of what the serving sizes will be for each meal. Holographic menus have been known to increase sales and customer satisfaction by knowing what they’re ordering. 


Taking Hologram Technology to Another Level


At Big Holograms, we take hologram technology to another level for restaurants and bars. Not only can you utilize it with menus, but you can use it to display your logo on the wall or for advertising other companies. 


When you offer this as an advertising option, you will be able to offer it at a much larger price compared to your other advertisement options. Since they are sure to spark the interest of every guest walking through your doors, they will be a massive hit for businesses trying to gain some brand recognition.


We offer two different options — HYPERVSN SOLO and HYPERVSN WALL. The SOLO feature will utilize one single device and display a three-dimensional visual up to 75cm. The WALL option allows you to combine multiple devices to spread across a larger area. The more devices, the larger the visual.


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We take pride in not only providing this great technology to restaurants and bars for use year-round, but also renting it out when it’s only needed for a limited time. It doesn’t matter how long you use it for or what you use it for; it’ll immediately enhance your guest’s experience.


If you’re interested in learning more about this technology and how it can be implemented in your business, contact Big Holograms today. We can’t wait to share our quality and effective solutions with you!