What is Big Hologram?

Science fiction has been a part of entertainment for many years now, and a big part of the genre was the handful of stable technologies we all thought would be all over the place somewhere in the future. These technologies include hoverboards, teleportation, space travel, and, of course, holograms. Well the future is now here at Big Holograms as we’ve turned one of Hollywood’s stable sci-fi technologies into a modern attraction meant to add an all-new dimension to hosting events. 


Hypervsn Technology

The Hypervsn machine is an amazing piece of technology that brings the world of holograms to life, creating 3D images made of light right before our eyes. We believe this is a fantastic opportunity to use this technology to display all kinds of things for different companies and clients. Use this device to display your own technology you’re aiming to announce at a major event, or just have it add a unique, futuristic element of decor to an extravagant gala. No matter the purpose, Hypervsn can bring your ideas to life before an entire audience. We dream of a future where this kind of technology can become even more widespread, and the existence of holograms will change the way we experience advertising.


What We Offer

We at Big Holograms have bought the Hypervsn device and rent out this machine for all kinds of major events. Our vision of the future is all about utilizing hologram technology to add creative and breathtaking displays to all sorts of events with all kinds of purposes. Is it for luxury? Is it for education? You decide when you hire us to supply your event with the awe-inspiring imagery created by the Hypervsn machine.


Contact Us for More Info

Does the world of hologram technology excite you? Are you interested in utilizing the Hypervsn machine for an upcoming event? Or perhaps you still have questions and want to know more about how our machine works? Contact us today and learn more about how we can help you transform your next even into an evening no one will ever forget. Whether you have 3D images you already have and want to display, or you’d like to select options from our vast 3D library, we’ll ensure your event is tailored to all your expectations.